Our Six Stage Process

We follow the internationally recognised Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment and Financial Planning Standards Board’s proven and rigorous six step approach to financial planning:

Stage 1 - Discovery
Establish your goals in life over the short, medium and long term and assign them an order of priority; recognising the need to strike a balance between sometimes conflicting aspirations.
Stage 2 - Research
Gather data about your current circumstances, financial position and any foreseeable changes to either.
Stage 3 - Analysis
Analyse the data, evaluate your current financial position and establish how close you are to achieving your goals.
Stage 4 - Recommendation
Create a plan - this is a route map of actions we develop which is designed (as far as is feasible) to achieve your different goals. This will generally involve some degree of financial forecasting and access to a specialist investment review service.
Stage 5 - Implementation
Implement your plan - we then discuss this plan with you, make sure it meets your requirements, adapt it if required and put the agreed plan into action, working as required.
Stage 6 - Review
Meeting with you on an ongoing basis to discuss matters (at least yearly) and adjusting the plan as required to make sure it stays on track.
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What Is Involved?

Your first meeting is at our expense and without obligation while we get to know each other. We will ask you to think about your future lifestyle and what is most important to you. This will enable us to understand your goals, concerns and current financial situation. We will discuss what you are seeking to achieve, identify potential financial strategies and clearly outline the costs of our services. 

When you are happy to proceed, we will:

  • Collect detailed financial information
  • Agree timed and costed goals
  • Complete a risk profiling exercise

We then use this information to create a comprehensive Financial Snapshot that summarises our understanding of your goals, concerns, assets, liabilities, income, expenditure and attitude to risk.  

To make good decisions, you need to know how your finances might shape up in the years ahead given sensible assumptions.

The next step is for us to prepare a fully researched strategy report and financial forecast which:

  • Sets out the best way to allocate your resources
  • Models your financial future
  • Reviews existing investment strategy
  • Audits current costs and charges on existing contracts

and also considers the opportunity for:

  • Reducing taxes
  • Reducing costs and charges
  • Managing risk
  • Consolidating or simplifying your plans, where appropriate

We will meet with you to discuss the findings in more detail, consider “what if?” situations and answer any questions you may have. By the end of this stage you will have a robust strategic plan so you can make informed decisions. 

Once you have received the report, you may wish to implement the strategy and, if so, we can take your instruction to carry out the actions on your behalf.

Once our recommendations have been fully implemented, we meet with you to:

  • Ensure you fully understand what has been put in place 
  • Help sort out any paperwork
  • Set up any online access if appropriate
  • Set our first review date

Moving forward, we hope that you wish to retain our ongoing services. These are designed to meet all your requirements for your financial plan and include unlimited access to our team.

The service includes a thorough annual review of your portfolio along with recommendations to make best use of your annual income, capital gains and if appropriate, inheritance tax allowances.

Your financial forecast will be maintained and fine-tuned to keep in line with your changing circumstances.

With your permission, and if appropriate, we will also liaise with other appointed advisers on matters such as:

  • Estate and philanthropy planning
  • Trusts to protect vulnerable persons
  • Realising the value of your business
  • Profit extraction for your business
  • Tax reduction strategies
  • Care planning

At Servo Private Wealth, we work with wealthy families, high net worth individuals and entrepreneurs as well as companies and charities to grow and protect the value of their, and their client’s wealth, over the long term.

Our Six Stage Process
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