We hold meetings in a mutually convenient location; typically at either one of our offices or yours. We have access to professional offices all over the UK so, rest assured, we can discuss your circumstances in a private and appropriate setting.

No. We are happy to offer the first meeting at our expense to establish whether we can add sufficient value to your situation and whether we think we would be a good fit. Thereafter, our fees are straightforward and transparent. You have the choice at each stage of the discussion whether you wish to take the next step with us. There is no commitment to progress to the next stage unless you wish to do so.

You will always know our fees before you make a decision to proceed. We do not hide our costs and we have a transparent charging structure, so you can be sure we are working efficiently for your benefit.

  • Servo Private Wealth’s strategic financial planning fees are non-contingent which means they are not linked to you investing new monies or taking out a new plan or product with us. Our strategic financial planning fees are payable regardless of whether you choose to implement our advice. This supports our aim to offer you holistic, impartial financial planning advice.

Our fees are based wholly upon the provision of our qualified and professional expertise, the time taken to analyse your circumstances and devise an appropriate strategy going forward, the design of an appropriate summary report to communicate this strategy to you, and also takes into account our firm’s exposure to regulatory, commercial and financial risk.

There are broadly three types of charge we make for the provision of initial advice and ongoing advice services: 

  • We charge new clients for building a strategic financial plan
  • We charge an implementation fee for arranging investments
  • We charge a monthly fee for ongoing service

To ensure that you are fully aware of the cost of our services and how and when you will be asked to pay, we will always confirm this verbally and in writing.

Fees for our services are usually not subject to VAT.  If VAT were to apply, we will tell you before we carry out any chargeable work and confirm the amount in writing.

Our ongoing fees include:

  • Annual face to face meetings to review the performance of your investments (that we are authorised for), to make recommendations on any alterations required to ensure that your financial objectives are met and to take account of any changes to your objectives or personal financial situation over time.
  • Ad hoc review meetings as and when changes to your portfolio may be required as a result of immediate or unexpected changes to your individual or family needs and circumstances.
  • Access to members of the team by telephone and email for the provision of ongoing advice, information, and general assistance at all times. This includes assistance in relation to any financial planning issues you may have, even if not directly related to the investment arrangements we have put in place for you.
  • Provision of ongoing administrative services relating to your portfolio, e.g. valuations, additional investments, withdrawals, regular income payments, portfolio realignments, update of personal details, etc. We also keep detailed records for you of all sums invested and amounts withdrawn from your investment portfolio.
  • Personally tailored advice, assistance, and implementation services relating to your ongoing use of annual investment allowances, tax reliefs, and exemptions based on our expert knowledge of the relevant tax legislation and framework.
  • Provision of statements and tax certificates relevant to your investment arrangements as required for the purposes of completing your annual tax returns.
  • Liaison with your other professional advisers, e.g. accountant and solicitor, to provide a fully coordinated service.
  • Regular newsletters to keep you up to date with topical financial planning issues, market developments, legislative changes, etc.
  • Access to your own free secure online filing cabinet and app where you can store all your personal documentation in one place, accessible wherever you are in the world.

Yes, we are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. You can find our entry on their register here.

We could only receive commission from certain types of insurance policies. We will make you aware of this, should we arrange this type of policy for you.

No. At the moment, we are not VAT registered as most of our services are VAT exempt. If this changes, we will let you know.

There is no obligation to sign up to any of our services at the initial meeting. Both parties need time to decide whether or not a working relationship is the right fit.

No, you are not.  You can leave at any time (although we hope you won’t want to).  Financial Planning is an ongoing service that is built around you and changes as you change throughout the course of your life.  We really hope we can demonstrate the ongoing value of having this service so that you will not want to leave.

Whilst we do not have a set minimum portfolio size, we believe that our services are particularly effective for families, individuals or businesses who fit into ANY of these categories:

  • Those with at least £250,000 of assets which can include things like cash deposits, shares, investments, bonds, pensions, amongst other things
  • Those with earnings in excess of £100,000 per annum
  • Those with an estate in excess of £1m
  • Those with a turnover in excess of £250,000

Or those who are likely to attain such a level within a reasonable time.

The reason why we have these categories is that financial planning for people or businesses in these circumstances becomes more challenging and complex, and as such, it’s where we can add the most value with our services and expertise.

We may not be the right fit for you if:

  • You are looking for someone to predict the stock market. We believe that markets are efficient; stock and fund picking is essentially down to luck, plus we don’t have a crystal ball!
  • You don’t want to be challenged. Our process produces robust financial plans which will help you achieve your life goals. But these can’t be put together without some challenging questions being asked and some potentially tricky subjects dealt with.
  • You are looking for someone who can predict the future. We can’t predict the future, nor can anyone else. We believe that the only time to invest is when you have the money, and the time to come out of the market is when you need the money. If you are looking for someone who believes they can time the market, we are not the right partner for you.
  • You’re looking for someone to sell you a product; for example, an Annuity or a Mortgage. We are planners- we want to help you plan your future. We won’t simply sell you a financial product that isn’t part of a plan.
  • You want someone to simply sign off an existing decision you have made, without making sure it’s in your best interest and part of a long-term plan designed to deliver your life goals. If we don’t believe it’s in your interest, we won’t do it.